magazine 7 May 2020

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Markets have rallied, so what about the economy? Shares looks at what shape the recovery might take and the stocks to own in different situations.

The magazine updates its views on Royal Dutch Shell and Fundsmith Equity following their latest news. It also debates whether the rules could change on holding residential property in a SIPP.

Discover why food prices could be going up and two stocks which could benefit. Shares also looks at FTSE 350 stocks hitting all-time highs, the latest from Warren Buffett and how to pick ETFs.

This week’s investment ideas include a top performing ESG-themed global fund and a well-known drinks manufacturer.

The Government cuts the penalty to 20%  

We explain how to bet on falling share prices and why it doesn’t suit novice investors

This may be necessary to continue to access financing

The numbers are likely to get worse before they get better

How ETFs work, the costs, choices and popular products among retail investors

Various companies are doing well amid the pandemic

Contrarian fund manager flags ‘truly remarkable’ value

Some sectors look ripe for consolidation while others may be a lost cause

Warren Buffett is yet to find any bargains to buy

The UK and Germany are adopting more loan-based emergency measures compared with the US, which potentially lowers future debts

We look at the stresses on the UK’s supply chain and the potential for food prices to keep rising

We consider how fast countries around the world might bounce back and the stocks best placed to thrive

People are already facing serious financial challenges amid the pandemic

Investors will have to get used to a smaller pool of dividend-paying investments

Posh chocolate brand benefiting from digital and subscription chocolate leadership

The high-quality soft drinks group has ample liquidity to see it through the crisis

We look at the fund's recent performance and what manager Terry Smith has been doing during the market sell-off

The company now has flexibility to invest in transitiong to more renewable energy production

Baillie Gifford Positive Change Fund is among the ESG investments delivering superior returns

There seem to be three likely scenarios as investors react to the pandemic

Pensions expert Gareth James debates what might happen