magazine 30 Apr 2020

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Nobody wants oil: how the commodity has gone from boom to bust. Shares explains why oil has plummeted in value and the stocks best placed to survive the crisis.

Discover why markets are up despite lots of bad news and find out the latest FTSE 100 stock to keep paying dividends.

Investment ideas this week include a builders’ merchant set to benefit as certain companies get back to work, and a well-known media group which could potentially see a pick-up in advertising income very soon.

Also this week: why the gaming sector is thriving during lockdown, your coronavirus finance questions answered, and Asian funds with low exposure to China.

Global champions ARM and Imagination may both return to public markets

A combination of hope, faith and stimulus is keeping stock prices afloat

Despite the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, some firms are still committed to shareholder payouts

There is a step-change in the awareness of infection prevention and cleanliness

A careful rebalancing may be needed once corporate cash flows return to normal

They should only be considered once you’ve built a core portfolio of funds that invest in stocks and bonds, and you have money you can afford to lose.

Analysts see the uplift in activity from the lock-down as an acceleration of the existing long-term trend

We discuss the outlook for the black stuff and what the price crash means for investors

Shares reveals how investors can reduce China risk via Asian funds with less than a fifth of assets in the People’s Republic

How to get help with mortgage payments, rent, loans, insurance and much more

The housebuilding and construction industries look set to pick up tools again

Near-term uncertainty doesn’t shake confidence in IT transformation firm

Sharp rebound opens opportunity for investors to cash out

Company keeps full year guidance despite coronavirus crisis

Company announces strong 2019 results as it shores up financial position

The value on offer is compelling with TV viewing figures up during the crisis

The trade-focused business has good momentum and solid foundations

There seem to be three likely scenarios as investors react to the pandemic

Our resident pensions expert explains the compensation rules