magazine 23 Apr 2020

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The race to recovery – discover the FTSE 350 stocks which recovered fastest from the coronavirus-inspired market sell-off and those which have lagged behind.

Find out what sub-zero oil prices mean for the markets, why some dividends are being paid in shares, and get the lowdown on three books which offer essential insights into investor psychology.

Learn about the tricks companies might play when reporting results during the crisis, and find out which investment trusts can afford to pay dividends.

Discover the true cost of a mortgage holiday. You can also find out how the banks are shaping up ahead of first quarter updates.

The move reduces pressure on a company's balance sheet but it isn’t pain-free for shareholders    

Approval for Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo is set to impact Just Eat as both firms vie for high growth markets

Investors excited by reports of positive drug trial for potential Covid-19 treatment

We review three books dedicated to explaining the pitfalls of typical investor behaviour

The level of provisioning for bad loans will be the key to earnings this year

We look at the pros and cons of the asset class and the different ways of getting exposure

The stocks surging ahead and those which have been left behind

Veteran of the fund management industry Tim Steer identifies five red flags for investors to watch

Revenue reserves can come to the income-seeker’s rescue amid the coronavirus crisis

Taking time off from monthly payments might help in the short-term but you will have to pay the cash back

But the commodity could surge in value once life gets back to normal

The microchip specialist is a superb stock to own for the long-term

Transformational pension deal and surging sales make the stock a lot sweeter

The firm is well placed to pick up business as companies struggle

Short-term viral implications for investors to ponder

Our resident pensions expert explains how tax relief works on retirement savings