magazine 16 Apr 2020

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Heathcare heroes: the new issue of Shares looks at the companies trying to save the world in the fight against coronavirus.

Also this week: company fundraisings hit £2bn as London-listed firms tap up shareholders.

Find out how the defence sector is holding up during the crisis, and learn about two thematic funds that stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Discover two mid cap stocks which Shares believes will sail through the coronavirus lockdown, and readers are treated to numerous investment ideas among small cap stocks and funds.

Shares reveals the best rates for cash and it offers a beginner’s guide to bonds.

Retailer’s ‘very limited’ re-opening could be a model which others follow

Institutional shareholders seem to be quite willing to support companies during dark times and they’re getting a good price on new stock

For now defence-orientated firms are holding up much better than aerospace specialists  

We look at the world of fixed income and its pros and cons for investors

They may be more volatile but the potential returns can justify higher risk, say fund managers

Lazard is confident on the themes that will shape the world over the next decade

Cash is increasingly important to individuals amid fears about the stock market and a likely recession

It’s fairly easy to understand why shares fall and how stocks behave in different ways

Company's capital-light business model enables it to generate strong cash flows

The only real negative was an expectation for higher costs

That’s handy as a new boss is about to join and hopefully fix some big problems

Emergency repairs firm is targeting medium-term expansion in the US and should weather coronavirus crisis

Why looking for ETFs and funds with the ‘SRI’ tag could help you find a more focused investment than just a regular ESG fund

The story behind the rise in the US currency and what it means for the markets

Our expert answers a frustrated investor’s retirement query