magazine 26 Mar 2020

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Cut price stocks and funds for your ISA. The Shares team offer six investment ideas to fill your tax wrapper following the market sell-off.

Find out the impact the coronavirus is having on company dividends, property funds, pensions and more as well as the firms which are most and least affected by the crisis.

Also this week: the equity fund which can outperform in both up and down markets and the reason sterling fell to a 35-year low against the dollar.

Discover more about how earnings forecasts are struggling to keep up with the current economic turmoil as well as the long-term returns to expect from investing.

Companies are cutting their payouts left, right and centre as they contend with the coronavirus

Nations pull financial aid levers as investors prepare for Q1 earnings disaster

Chinese stocks have done better than others, and domestic investors are betting on a bounce back

Israeli medical equipment firm eyes easy-to-use virus check breakthrough

Dash for liquidity also sends many emerging market ‘carry trades’ to historic losses

The Shares team identifies six attractive investments to stick in your tax wrapper

Three things the Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity team are thinking about today

We look at the MSCI classification and what it means

Those looking for dizzying returns are likely to be disappointed

Measures taken to contain the outbreak are not affecting all businesses equally

Oil, betting and fashion firms have been among those hardest hit

With little guidance from companies, forecasts for UK earnings as a whole still look too optimistic

We explain the implications as asset managers respond to market volatility

It could be a red flag as history implies potential market underperformance

We look at the impact of volatile markets on pensions

Your portfolio may only need a small tweak rather than a drastic rethink

An insight into how the Shares team are currently thinking about events

We would stick with this high-quality business and its cash-focused management

Online shopping in demand with containment measures in place

Quality-focused fund is outperforming even during the current volatility

The precious metal has struggled to live up to its safe haven credentials