magazine 19 Mar 2020

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Discover the best ESG investments as Shares explains how to find companies and funds helping to save the world.

Also this week: why the banking sector has become less appealing, survival of the fitness among airlines, and the latest on wild swings in global stock markets.

Find out the sectors in demand and the share prices going up, and discover which company directors are buying stock.

Shares looks at the large number of companies yielding over 10%, it explains the investment case for Disney ahead of its new streaming platform launch, and reveals eight changes to your money happening next month.

Electronic goods sellers, utility companies, gaming providers and more could see an uptick in demand

Radical changes dictated by central banks and governments make the sector unappealing

We explain the difference between the three main accounts

US suffers its biggest sell-off since 1987 as response to crisis escalates

Most London-listed travel companies have strong balance sheets and may survive a shutdown, but TUI’s huge debt leaves it vulnerable

We look at some of the biggest share transactions

Finding stocks and funds that will help the world

Is that an opportunity or is the market saying many companies’ dividends are unsustainable?

The media giant could see big uptake of Disney+ at a time when it faces theme park losses

The Global Environmental Opportunities fund has a very interesting way of filtering the investment universe

Everything you need to know about changes to ISA allowances, capital gains tax, loans and more

Your chance to buy good companies that should still be around for years to come

First half results see an increase in revenue, profit and dividends    

The smart meter installer is in a strong financial position after selling a minority of assets at an attractive valuation.

International Biotechnology Trust is very appealing in the current market environment

The supermarket should be a rare winner during coronavirus epidemic

We look back at history to see how equities behaved following periods of pronounced weakness

AJ Bell pensions expert Tom Selby explains the rules and how they are soon changing