magazine 9 Jan 2020

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Discover how to invest in the themes shaping the world of tomorrow. Shares analyses the funds and ETFs to play hot topics such as climate change, an ageing population and advancements in technology.

Learn how the Middle East tensions with the US have affected stocks and commodity prices and why the event matters to investors.

Also this week: everything you need to know about the pensions lifetime allowance, and the funds and investment trusts boosted by renewed interest in UK stocks.

Find out why Sirius Minerals shareholders may not be too happy with a takeover approach, and discover what needs to happen for Unilever in 2020.

Early signs from supermarket Christmas updates not that encouraging

The potash miner could end up falling into new ownership amid financial troubles

A strong start to 2020 for stocks was abruptly ended after the US killing of a top Iranian general    

The secured lender is in a pickle amid problems involving several investments

Morningstar is worried that the flagship UK equity fund is getting too big

Cloud computing, digital commerce and clever components are among the themes exciting tech experts

How to get the most out of your retirement savings by understanding the tax rules

The best ways to invest in the big themes changing the way we live and work

The FTSE 100 consumer goods giant is at a crossroads after a disappointing update

We reveal the names which have rallied as investors regain their appetite for UK-focused investments

The asset class has outperformed other areas in recent years

From tax changes to bank charges, this article explains the key developments that could make you richer or poorer

Volatility doesn’t mean you should sit on your hands when it comes to investing

The expanding engineering consultant is now doing so much more than cars

Tritax Eurobox is at a tipping point with plans to capitalise on warehouse demand

Valuation is looking full, which tips risk/reward balance to the negative

The service business has increased earnings guidance yet again, helping to fuel a rally in its share price

Examining what could knock the market off course in the months ahead