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Three ideas for presents and your chance to win a copy of Lord Lee’s new book
Thursday 12 Dec 2019 Author: Ian Conway

Are you looking for Christmas ideas for family and friends? Here are three cracking books that will help anyone serious about investing and living a better life. They are thought-provoking and all-round fascinating books.

‘The end of indexing’ by Niels Jensen

Fund manager Jensen argues that six mega-trends will disrupt the status quo leading to decades of low economic growth and the demise of ‘passive’ investing.

‘The joy of missing out’ by Svend Brinkmann

Danish philosopher and psychologist Brinkmann explains why restraint and a ‘less can be more’ attitude is good for our souls and for society as a whole.

‘The man who solved the world’ by Gregory Zuckerman

Award-winning Wall Street Journal reporter Zuckerman’s book discusses one of the most successful yet least-known investors of modern times, Jim Simons. Since 1982, Simons’ quantitative investment firm has returned almost 40% per year to clients after fees.


We’ve got three copies of ‘Yummi Yoghurt: a first taste of stock market investment’ by Lord Lee of Trafford to give away.

Veteran investor John Lee’s ‘primer’ on investing tells the story of a West Country farming family whose homemade yoghurt business eventually floats on the stock market.

As well as describing the journey from private to public ownership and the basics of the market, the book contains a glossary and tips to help first-time investors.

To win a copy, answer this question:

In what year was retailer-to-technology giant Amazon founded?

Send your answers by email to with ‘Book competition’ in the subject line. Please include your full name and postal address.

All entries must be submitted by 31 December 2019. We will randomly pick three names and the winners will be announced in the 12 January 2020 edition of Shares.

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