magazine 12 Dec 2019

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What will happen to markets and economics in 2020? Shares considers 10 of the most important questions on investors’ minds and how best to position portfolios for the year ahead.

Discover the best performing shares of 2019 and why they soared in value. Fund managers discuss their best and worst stock picking decisions this year. And find out the stock that’s jumped by 36% since Shares highlighted its attractions.

Also this week: panic among property funds, investment-related climate change winners and losers and what we can learn from the big gaffes made by UK companies in the past 12 months.

Finally, don’t miss your chance to win an investment book.

This trade looks to be slightly different to normal short selling which preys on companies in distress

Bank of England is expected to reveal new plans to address problems among property funds

Carmakers and utilities could do well if they play their cards right, but unsurprisingly fossil fuel firms may struggle

Three ideas for presents and your chance to win a copy of Lord Lee’s new book

We consider markets, investment styles, ratings, dividends and much more

We reveal the top risers across four different segments of the market

We take a closer look at some of the most damaging stock market gaffes of 2019

Investment experts reflect on their best and worst stock picking decisions this year

It focuses on best-in-class firms which it believes are able to survive and thrive

We look at the process of handing over investments to your spouse, children or even charity

Understand the risks, how the income is generated and don’t simply pick based on yield and dividend frequency

The company has transformed into an integrated global defence and security business with good growth opportunities

Performance pick-up at smaller company-focused trust should see discount narrow

The company continues to do very well and investors are enjoying strong rewards  

Learn from the patterns of previous manias