magazine 26 Sep 2019

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Discover the key issues facing investors under a Brexit deal, no deal or delay in the new edition of Shares magazine. It explains the sectors that could flourish or struggle in different Brexit outcomes and what might happen to markets and currencies.

Learn some valuable lessons from the collapse of Thomas Cook and the stocks that could potentially benefit from its demise.

Also this week: Airbnb heads for the stock market, Indian stocks and funds rally on tax cuts and investors tighten focus on climate change.

Shares explores why Lindsell Train Global Equity is so popular with retail investors and it discusses pension issues for the self-employed.

How to position portfolios for a deal, no deal or delay

Three things the Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity team are thinking about today

We take a look at the different types of Chinese share

London-listed companies are full of surprises such as online firms owning physical stores and retailers having hotels

Four London-listed investment trusts could benefit from India’s tax changes

The travel operator’s collapse creates opportunities for a number of UK stocks

The accommodation platform looks more interesting than recent stock market flops Uber and Lyft

New UN goals and an ‘impact exchange’ could be on the agenda

Second only to Fundsmith, there’s a reason this fund is so popular

TR European Growth’s manager believes the market is too pessimistic about Europe’s smaller businesses

We examine how those who work for themselves might plan for retirement

They won’t get anything back as part of the liquidation process

The revolving door of management change is spinning fast in the UK and US

Investors should stay on their toes as the era of low interest rates draws to an end

Regulation and niche markets are ideal places for steady growth

135-year-old trust invests in tomorrow’s market leaders

The stock is up more than 12% since we said to buy at the start of the year

Scientific instruments maker delivers exceptional first half performance

Don’t panic about the share price falling on the back of half year results

Be patient and enjoy decent dividends while you wait for the market to cotton on to its progress

Deferring can boost future payments but it takes a long time to make up for 12 months of lost income