magazine 18 Jul 2019

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Many investors flock to star fund managers in the hope their success last forever. New data suggests that long-term outperformance is harder than you think, as discussed in Shares’ main feature.

Also this week: BT could be the next big company to slash dividends, another bout of bad news for insurers, and retail investor favourite Hurricane Energy bounces back.

Shares explains what a debt-for-equity swap means for Thomas Cook shareholders, and it outlines the reasons why investors are attracted to Microsoft.

The digital magazine compares the performance of trusts and funds run by the same managers, and it outlines the range of ETFs to play the different US markets.

Being able to predict trends by data mining is the key to success

Can you always rely on them to grow your investments?

The passive investment industry needs to have better defined methodology

We look at the market risers and fallers from the past week

Rebasing looks inevitable as the company has other needs for its cash

The industry was expecting a better outcome to lift some of the burden of claims inflation

Production guidance uplift helps company bounce back from exploration disappointment

The world’s largest company is highly attractive on so many measures

New research shows an interesting performance trend when a manager runs different products with similar strategies, writes Laura Suter

Henderson European Focus Trust increases portfolio concentration to take bolder bets

Lessons to be learned from the Woodford fund suspension

It is important to understand the impact of lenders deciding to take new shares instead of getting their cash back

Economists and investors are concerned about the pace of growth in the country

In theory aligning management and shareholders is a good thing. In practice it usually favours management

Demand for content from streaming providers should benefit Entertainment One

The office services firm has plenty of scope to grow organically

The FTSE 100 information services group continues to be a superb investment

Why we’re staying positive on the soft drinks star turn despite damaging earnings alert

Kantar sale achieved on time and at the expected price    

We look at the range of exchange-traded funds which follow American stocks