magazine 13 Dec 2018

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The new issue of Shares looks at all the hot topics for 2019, discussing what could happen to markets, economics, commodities and politics so that investors are better informed.

Also this week: How the latest Brexit setback has affected UK shares, why value investing could soon be back in favour, and what fund managers learned in 2018.

Learn about big changes to your finances in 2019, why there has been a revolutionary event in the insurance market, and the latest analyst view on housebuilders.

Discover the best performing shares this year and find out about the advantages of pension consolidation and the benefits of new pension dashboards.

Everything you need to know about markets, economics, commodities and politics for the year ahead

We look at four different sized groups to find out why certain stocks had such a good year

A new report looks at how the UK is seeing a range of demands on boards, M&A and business strategy

OneSelect is the eighth company in the sector to stop trading this year

We examine some of the key announcements and the market reaction to them

The chief executive of the well-known construction firm explains why money is being raised now

Sterling sinks to 20-month low and domestic stocks slump after vote postponement

We look at the lessons investment experts have taken from a turbulent year

Manager of Asian-focused trust is putting his faith in a long-term approach

We discuss some of the big issues to keep tabs on in 2019

AJ Bell expert Tom Selby explains the pension dashboard initiative

New principles will be introduced in January for both private and listed companies

We look at what can be drawn from the charts and fundamentals

This has an impact on the entire industry and is relevant to a probe by the regulator on how insurers charge customers

The Colombian oil producer looks exciting after a $93m agreement with a US firm and exploration success

The easy money from growth stocks could be coming to an end

Fund manager Stuart Widdowson says there is takeover activity in the company's broader space

Investors were bracing for failure after drug Imfinzi struggled in previous trials