magazine 4 Oct 2018

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Discover the 25 most important companies in the world in the new issue of Shares. The list is split into companies we use in daily lives, enduring brands, disruptive businesses and future stars, plus the article explains the different ways in which you can invest in them.

Ever wondered which was better: overpaying your mortgage or investing spare cash? Shares does the maths.

Also this week: Learn why the oil price is at a four-year high, and find out how Shares’ annual stop picks portfolio is performing.

Read about alternatives to Fundsmith’s new Smithson investment trust, plus find out about troubles in the airline sector and Royal Mail’s dividend problem.

Why they matter and how you can invest

PM announces new policy at Conservative Party conference

We reluctantly turn bearish on the transport group as a major setback changes the investment case

Growth scarcity sees eight UK firms in Berenberg’s new Nifty Fifty

We look at how the valuation implied by the upcoming float compares with London-listed rivals

Shares in the airline sector have been poor performers this year

We look at existing top performing funds in the small and mid-cap space

We run the numbers to compare the different scenarios

Resource companies are being judged on more than asset quality

Lessons to be learned from rising interest rates

We weigh up the reasons behind the commodity price spike and what could happen next

We look at how these products work and some success stories from the sector

Market has overreacted to one month’s slowdown in sales growth

Audio conferencing play has highly impressive growth potential

Disappointing recent performance from one of our earlier star turns takes the sheen off our annual selection

Encouraging news alongside first half results help drive shares higher

Annual net revenue yields are expected to increase more than forecast thanks to strong trading

Stick with the veterinary services business as it successfully consolidates the small animal vet sector