magazine 16 Aug 2018

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Investing in companies that are in a rising trend can often be a great way to play the market. The new issue of Shares looks at 10 stocks with positive share price momentum and picks eight which it believes could keep rising.

The digital magazine also looks at how Turkey’s currency crisis affects UK investors and explains why the gold price has displayed very unusual behaviour over the past few weeks.

Investors searching for new source of income shouldn’t miss the latest issue of Shares as it features a stock with a prospective 7.8% yield plus a look at an elite group of dividend-paying investment trusts.

The market may have stalled but we’ve spotted 8 excellent stocks that should keep on going

While the UK motor insurance market is in the doldrums, private equity outfit spots a bargain and swoops on Esure

Connectivity, automation and machine learning are hot opportunities

The currency is in freefall amid rising inflation and clashes with the US

The £225m business will join the stock market on 17 August

New business may help secure place in changing automotive supply chain

We explore the pharma giant’s growth strategy and the potential risks and rewards

Why there’s more to tracker funds than just following the FTSE

Investment trust’s now sole manager makes money by backing truly special companies

We look at an elite group of trusts that have delivered highly attractive returns for investors

Most trusts in this space are already trading at discounts to net asset value

Is the amount of cash a company has at hand really that important? Yes it is and this is why

In the wake of the Bank of England’s latest decision we consider the impact on annuities and drawdown

The precious metal has failed to follow historical patterns and rally on the latest troublesome event

What would it take for the blue chip index to break through the 8,000 mark?

Shifts in life expectancy and rising interest rates could have an impact on shareholder returns

The market is starting to warm to the highly profitable motor insurer

The trust trades at a 3.4% discount to net asset value

Pizza takeaway firm is a big victim of the collapse in Turkish lira

First half results help reassure on investment case

Ventilation products firm’s move to new facility in Reading goes awry

Order book blasts past record £100m mark