magazine 9 Aug 2018

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This week’s Shares contains a look at the world of video games. A genuine growth industry which has an expanding stock market presence in London.

Also in the issue: value stocks may be taking over from growth companies and why this could have significant implications for the wider markets and how to achieve diversified exposure to Asia through select funds.

Find out how the latest interest rate hike could affect you and discover what the professionals do to keep track of their investments.

The digital magazine also contains a beginner’s guide to REITs and identifies the key numbers from the recently concluded banks reporting season.

The UK video game stocks taking the industry by storm

Get in the best investment shape for the end of the summer hols with our snapshot of the market

Upcoming awards to reward excellence in both active and passive funds

Opportunistic Welcome Break takeover set to transform Applegreen’s earnings and cash flow

Industrial metal has fallen sharply since June

Sector’s first half updates were a mixed bag

Analysts left in the dark over near-term profitability

In the right place but confusion over profit margins clouds attractions

We look at some favourite funds to access this growth region

Many of these property vehicles trade at a discount to asset value, is this justified?

If a big investor is about to offload a large swathe of shares, what impact does this have on the price?

Why the experts keep a detailed record of buy and sell decisions

Explaining the various implications of the latest rate hike from the Bank of England

Looking at your retirement options if you’re planning to emigrate

Five years since AIM stocks were made eligble for ISAs we look at the performance of this market

Investors should be mindful of a potential shift from growth to value stocks

Gap between management expectations and what suitors will pay remains large

The wine specialist offers overseas growth and potential for heatwave trading cheer

Data is being heralded as the new currency and this stock is central to the theme

Kettle controls play up 22%, and there’s more to come

Meggitt continues to make hay from both its military and civil aerospace markets