magazine 7 Jun 2018

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Value investing making a comeback, according to the latest issue of Shares. It looks for the market’s biggest bargains and picks four stocks that stand out from the crowd.

Continuing this theme, Shares is excited about a motor insurer trading on a cheap valuation and offering a prospective 5.3% dividend yield.

If you’re thinking about downsizing property, Shares examines the different options for investing the proceeds to generate a decent income in retirement. It also has the lowdown on Fundsmith’s popular emerging markets trust.

Elsewhere, discover why numerous law firms are joining the UK stock market and learn about BT’s plans to get back into investors’ good books.

We profile four attractive stocks that look really cheap

For the first time law firms are going public in material numbers

We examine the potential winners and losers as kick-off approaches

Telco lays out plans to please regulator, pension trustees and shareholders

Trade disputes are in focus ahead of an important G7 meeting

There is a leadership battle at both the transport group and the gold miner

The government is taking a hit by selling down some of its RBS shares

It has repaid bond debt early and analysts are upgrading earnings forecasts

Heating engineer’s share price hits record highs, but for how long?

It plans to use clients’ own facilities to boost capacity and win new contracts

The racing games specialist is off to a strong start on the stock market

Does the fund deserve its premium given it has consistently underperformed its benchmark?

Whatever your reasons for moving to a smaller property, how can you best invest the proceeds to provide a robust income in retirement?

We reveal how individuals are spending their retirement savings

Two of his investment trusts have just reported disappointing results for the second year in a row

Mobile phones giant tops value charts, beating Tesco, Sky and others

Grocers clock-in £415m in sales on one May Friday alone

Importing inflatable boats and pizza from Canada to the US just got 10% more expensive

Falling panel costs, growing efficiency and solutions to storage problems are all helping to drive demand for solar energy

Crude prices are already losing momentum heading into key summit

High quality India fund is firmly positioned for a rebound

It’s time to go against the crowd and shop for bargain insurers

The deep fat fryer specialist continues to enjoy considerable success

Company delivers better than expected numbers for March 2018 financial year

The decision by Forterra to build a new plant suggests confidence in future demand for the brick industry

One of our picks of the year has now delivered in excess of 20% gains

Smart beta products aim to marry the positive benefits of active management with a cost that is closer to a passive product but despite rising popularity they have their critics