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Analyst earnings estimates imply rapid growth for newly-listed marketing technology company
Thursday 01 Feb 2018 Author: Steven Frazer

Self-described precision marketing software developer Pelatro (PTRO:AIM) is set to continue its steep growth curve, if analysts have got their sums right.

Stockbroker FinnCap anticipates that Pelatro will chalk-up a more than three-fold jump in its main earnings points for 2017.

Its 2017 financial year forecasts are: $3.1m revenue (2016: $1.2m), $1.7m pre-tax profit (2016: $0.4m) and 7.5c earnings per share (EPS).

The rapid growth may not end there, predicts FinnCap. It believes Pelatro will more than double 2017’s expected numbers over the next two years. If successful, that could have significant ramifications for the share price.

Its 2019 forecasts stand at $7.5m revenue, $4m pre-tax profit and 13.7c EPS.

Pelatro’s success to date has been built in the telecoms industry, where its analytics engine scrutinises customer behaviour from different points in the network to help create custom promotions and marketing campaigns.

In time the company is expected to adapt its mViva platform for other markets, such as financial services and retailing.

The shares have risen by 23% in value to 77p since the company joined the stock market on 14 December 2017. (SF)

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