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What makes you sell something from your portfolio?
Thursday 13 Oct 2016 Author: Daniel Coatsworth


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This week’s question...

What are the three biggest factors that would make you consider selling a stock from your portfolio?


1. Change in strategy that makes the stock higher risk than when I bought it.

2. Directors mislead shareholders by exaggerating claims or bending the truth. I have zero tolerance for this.

3. When I find a better investment idea that requires money to buy the shares.

Elizabeth Young, Email


1. I sometimes buy shares in anticipation of a forthcoming news announcement and sell once the news is out.

2. Dividend is held, cut or suspended.

3. When a company has to raise money on two or more occasions in a 12 month period and issues shares at more than 10% below market price.

Malcolm Taylor, Email


1. When a company says it requires a strong second half period in order to meet earnings expectations.

2. I sell companies in a sector that has gone out of favour with the market.

3. I sell when two or more senior directors leave within three months of each other.

Rory McGruthren, Email


It no longer meets my investment criteria.

2. I want to move my capital into a significantly better opportunity.

3. To reduce risk.

Paul Smith, Email


1. Fresh innovative competitor joins same sector but unlikely to materially increase market size.

2. Remuneration policy.

3. Weaker cash flow.

@Humphiebackit, Twitter


1. Stop loss hit.

2. Bad results.

3. Profit warning.

@cambiumplants, Twitter



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