Top buys and sells

    Top buys

    This table shows the top 50 purchased investment trusts based on the number of deals placed by our customers in the past week. Updated Tuesday 10 Dec 2019.
    1City of London Ord20.0
    2BlackRock Smaller Companies Ord7.5
    3Edinburgh Investment Ord6.9
    4Bankers Ord6.5
    5Henderson Far East Income Ord5.9
    6Schroder Oriental Income Ord4.0
    7Scottish Mortgage Ord3.1
    8CQS New City High Yield Ord3.1
    9JPMorgan Claverhouse Ord2.5
    10Mid Wynd International Inv Tr PLC O Inc2.3
    11TR European Growth Ord2.2
    12Ecofin Global Utilities & Infra Ord2.0
    13BMO Commercial Property Trust1.9
    14Diverse Income Trust Ord1.8
    15Henderson International Income Ord1.8
    16Standard Life Inv. Prop. Inc. Ord1.7
    17AEW UK REIT Ord1.6
    18Dunedin Income Growth Ord1.6
    19CQS Natural Resources G&I Ord1.5
    20Foresight Solar Ord1.3
    21Finsbury Growth & Income Ord1.2
    22TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Ord1.1
    23Smithson Investment Trust Ord1.0
    24HICL Infrastructure Company Ord1.0
    25Civitas Social Housing Ord1.0
    26HgCapital Trust Ord1.0
    27AEW UK Long Lease REIT Ord0.8
    28Hipgnosis Songs Ord0.8
    29Scottish Investment Trust Ord0.8
    30Monks Ord0.7
    31Target Healthcare REIT0.7
    32SQN Asset Finance Income Ord0.7
    33Murray International Ord0.7
    34F&C Investment Trust Ord0.7
    35Merchants Trust Ord0.7
    36BlackRock Throgmorton Trust plc0.7
    37Secure Income REIT Ord0.7
    38JPMorgan Global Growth & Income Ord0.6
    39Standard Life UK Smaller Co. Ord0.6
    40Polar Capital Technology Ord0.6
    41Impax Environmental Markets Ord0.6
    42BlackRock Frontiers Ord0.6
    43Renewables Infrastructure Grp0.6
    44Aberforth Smaller Companies Ord0.6
    45JPMorgan Emerging Markets Ord0.6
    46Augmentum Fintech Ord0.5
    47Allianz Technology Trust Ord0.5
    48Edinburgh Worldwide Ord0.5
    49Witan Ord0.5
    50Fidelity China Special Ord0.5

    Top sells

    This table shows the top 50 sold investment trusts based on the number of deals placed by our customers in the past week. Updated Tuesday 10 Dec 2019.
    1Scottish Mortgage Ord8.5
    2Scottish Investment Trust Ord4.1
    3Renewables Infrastructure Grp3.5
    4Capital Gearing Ord3.1
    5Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust3.1
    6Finsbury Growth & Income Ord2.8
    7Allianz Technology Trust Ord2.8
    8Augmentum Fintech Ord2.8
    9Fidelity China Special Ord2.8
    10TR Property Ord2.5
    11VinaCapital Vietnam Opp Fund Ord2.5
    12HICL Infrastructure Company Ord2.5
    13Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon Ord2.5
    14Tritax Big Box2.5
    153i Ord2.2
    16Worldwide Healthcare Ord2.2
    17Edinburgh Investment Ord1.9
    18Regional REIT Ord1.9
    19BlackRock Smaller Companies Ord1.9
    20Baillie Gifford Japan Ord1.9
    21Henderson Diversified Income Ord1.9
    22Lindsell Train Ord1.9
    23City of London Ord1.9
    24JLEN Environmental Assets Group Ord1.9
    25India Capital Growth Ord1.9
    26Law Debenture Corporation Ord1.6
    27Henderson Smaller Companies Ord1.6
    28Perpetual Income & Growth Ord1.6
    29Fidelity Asian Values Ord1.6
    30Ediston Property Investment Company1.6
    31Murray International Ord1.3
    32Smithson Investment Trust Ord1.3
    33Standard Life Inv. Prop. Inc. Ord1.3
    34F&C Investment Trust Ord1.3
    35Standard Life UK Smaller Co. Ord1.3
    36Syncona Ord1.3
    37SQN Asset Finance Income Ord1.3
    38Witan Ord1.3
    39BlackRock World Mining Trust plc1.3
    40European Opportunities Trust1.3
    41JPMorgan European Income Pool Ord1.3
    42Personal Assets Ord1.3
    43Polar Capital Technology Ord1.3
    44Woodford Patient Capital Trust1.3
    45Miton Global Opportunities Ord1.3
    46Biotech Growth Ord1.3
    47Lowland Ord1.3
    48BMO Commercial Property Trust1.3
    49Montanaro UK Smaller Companies Ord1.3
    50Herald Ord0.9

    Top buys and sells by value

    This table shows the top 50 investment trusts based on the value of deals bought and sold by our customers in the past week. Updated Tuesday 10 Dec 2019.
    1Scottish Mortgage Ord
    2City of London Ord
    3HICL Infrastructure Company Ord
    4Finsbury Growth & Income Ord
    5JPMorgan Global Growth & Income Ord
    6Smithson Investment Trust Ord
    7Capital Gearing Ord
    8F&C Investment Trust Ord
    9Regional REIT Ord
    10Allianz Technology Trust Ord
    11Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust
    12JPMorgan Mid Cap Ord
    13JPMorgan Asian Ord
    14Standard Life UK Smaller Co. Ord
    15HgCapital Trust Ord
    16BlackRock Smaller Companies Ord
    17Bankers Ord
    18Worldwide Healthcare Ord
    19Renewables Infrastructure Grp
    20Edinburgh Investment Ord
    21Murray International Ord
    22JLEN Environmental Assets Group Ord
    23Lindsell Train Ord
    24Baillie Gifford Japan Ord
    25Henderson Far East Income Ord
    26Henderson Smaller Companies Ord
    27Polar Capital Technology Ord
    28International Public Partnerships Ord
    293i Ord
    30Mercantile Ord
    31TR Property Ord
    32Standard Life Inv. Prop. Inc. Ord
    33RIT Capital Partners Ord
    34Scottish Investment Trust Ord
    35Monks Ord
    36Merchants Trust Ord
    37Tritax Big Box
    38BlackRock Throgmorton Trust plc
    39JPMorgan Global Emerg Mkts Inc Ord
    40JPMorgan Claverhouse Ord
    41Personal Assets Ord
    42Henderson Diversified Income Ord
    43Impax Environmental Markets Ord
    44Warehouse REIT Ord
    45Asia Dragon Ord
    46Edinburgh Worldwide Ord
    47JPMorgan Emerging Markets Ord
    48Dunedin Income Growth Ord
    49TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Ord
    50Aberforth Smaller Companies Ord