Security features

To ensure your account is secure we have a number of security features.

Protect yourself

Your security is important to us and we want you to be able to invest with us safe in the knowledge that you and your money are protected.

For your safety we will never link you directly to the log in page from outside our website.

To log in to your account you need three separate bits of information – your username, password and the answer to the security question you have chosen.

We will only ever ask you to enter three characters from your password and the security question you have selected will always be shown.

You will never need to enter or tell us your full password.

If you notice anything different on the log in page or you are asked to enter your full password, then don’t proceed but contact us.

If your password and/or security question answer has been entered incorrectly three times then your account will be locked. This is to stop a fraudster trying multiple combinations until they successfully access your account. If you lock your account by mistake don’t worry – just call us and we’ll unlock it after we have verified your identity.

Secure SSL

We use secure 256 bit encryption on our website, as indicated by the padlock at the top of the screen.

Unless you are using an older browser you will also see the website address bar is green. This indicates that we have a secure website certificate in place and you are on a genuine, secure site.

When you make a debit card payment we use a secure system called SagePay. You will be transferred to the SagePay site to enter your debit card details and these will not be divulged to or stored by us.

You should always log out when you have finished using your AJ Bell Youinvest account and close your session.

If you are logged in to your account but have not made any keystrokes in the past 15 minutes we will automatically log you out of your account. This means that, even if you forget to log out, your session won’t remain open, preventing someone else misusing your account.

If you contact us by phone we will always ask you to identify yourself by asking you for information that you gave us when you opened your account. We will never discuss the details of your account without verifying first that we are speaking to you or your appointed representative.

Our website has a web chat facility. We are only able to answer general queries through web chat as we have not verified your details – if your query is about your account we’ll ask you to phone us or send us a secure message.

You can contact us by secure message which is a message direct from your account and ensures the message does not go outside our secure network.