Protect yourself

There are simple steps you can take to help make sure your AJ Bell Youinvest account is safe:

  • Use anti-virus software There are lots of anti-virus software packages you can use to protect your device against viruses and spyware. Make sure you run virus detection routines regularly and keep your software upgraded so you are protected against the latest electronic bugs. You should also keep your internet browser software up to date

  • Use secure connections Be careful if you are using a wireless network as it may not be secure. Fraudsters may be able to access information being sent over non secure networks, such as those in coffee shops or on trains

  • Keep your password safe Never tell anyone your full password or other security details. We will never ask you for your full password so be on your guard if someone requests this. Your security details should not be written down but if you do want to record them don’t keep them together and keep them somewhere safe. If you think your password and security information has been compromised then let us know

  • Be wary of requests for information We will never email or phone you to ask for your security details. We will always use our standard email addresses to send you information or send you a secure message through your account. See our email security section for more details about emails

  • Send sensitive information by secure message Email is not a secure form of communication. Any sensitive information relating to your account should be sent via secure message from within your account

  • Be aware Stay informed of the latest security threats – they are usually reported in the papers or online – and consider if they could apply to you and how to guard against them. You can find the latest information on the FCA website

  • Keep your details up to date Make sure that we have your up to date address, email address and contact numbers. You can update these online by logging into your account