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We’ve launched a weekly podcast to help you understand the markets and manage your investment portfolio.

Co-presented by Laura Suter, AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst, and Daniel Coatsworth, editor of Shares Magazine, 'AJ Bell Money & Markets' is the easy way to stay up to speed with the investing world.

You can download and subscribe to 'AJ Bell Money & Markets' for free by visiting the Apple iTunes Podcast Store, Google Podcasts or Spotify and searching for “AJ Bell”. It's also available on Podbean. Or you can go ahead and listen to each episode below.

Why banks have got a bad reputation, how fund managers are changing their portfolios to cope with coronavirus, the mortgage market grinds to a halt, and a new wave of scams.
Thursday 02 Apr 2020

This week’s podcast gives you the latest insights into how markets are faring, why dividends keep being cancelled, and how fund managers are reshaping portfolios and whether this is good or bad for investors.

Brand Finance’s Declan Ahern joins the show to talk about how banks can try to improve their reputation and the team reveal why the property market is being hit by a lockdown on certain types of mortgage lending. There is also a warning about an elevated number of scams linked to coronavirus relief payments.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter

Central banks to the rescue, stocks bounce back, and the key ways to get help with your finances
Thursday 26 Mar 2020

This week’s podcast explains the measures taken by central banks and governments to help markets, businesses and individuals. The team discuss why so many stocks are now rising and what to look for when judging the sustainability of the market recovery.

The podcast also runs through all the help from banks and government on repayments for mortgages, credit cards and loans, accessing savings, childcare costs, and paying your council tax and energy bills during the coronavirus crisis.

This week’s guest is Russ Mould, Investment Director at AJ Bell.

Money & Markets is presented by AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth

We’ve found some good news on the markets! Sectors in demand, company bosses buying shares, assessing the damage among funds, and shopping for gin
Thursday 19 Mar 2020

It’s not all doom and gloom on the stock market. We’ve found a ray of sunshine with a selection of businesses in demand. Discover all in this week’s podcast.

We look at how funds have performed this year including some that have actually gone up in value. You can also find out why more property funds have been suspended and the latest changes to nation’s shopping basket.

Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth

Budget special: good news for drinkers, drivers, doctors and children
Thursday 12 Mar 2020

This week’s podcast explains the good and bad news in the latest Budget. From pensions and savings to tax allowances, the team cover all the essential points that will impact your personal finances.

Find out about the stocks affected by the Chancellor’s plans including big infrastructure spend, and why higher earners will benefit from big pension changes. The podcast also discusses changes to Junior ISAs, interest rates and sick pay, as well as the surprise absence of changes to inheritance tax in the Budget.

Featuring Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell Analysts Laura Suter and Tom Selby

The FTSE 350 stocks bucking the market sell-off, Budget preview, getting money back for cancelled travel, and paying in cheques with your phone
Thursday 05 Mar 2020

This week’s podcast reveals the stocks rising when everything else is down, and the team talk about managing a pension in a market sell-off.

They discuss what to expect from the forthcoming Budget, and they chat about your chances of getting money back if you decide not to travel.

And for those frustrated with queuing up in a bank branch, help could be on the way via your phone.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter

Stocks and funds being bought after the market sell-off, how we spend money in retirement, and the investment portfolios of ISA millionaires
Friday 28 Feb 2020

This week’s podcast discusses the big decline in global stock markets and where investors have shifted their money. Guest Rachel Vahey from AJ Bell explains how much people are spending on their lifestyles in retirement and how this information could help define pension saving targets.

The team reveal the stocks and funds held by ISA millionaires and they discuss a potential new name to the UK savings market.

Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth.

Scottish Mortgage fund manager on Tesla and Amazon, understanding strange stock market behaviour, Virgin Galactic’s soaring shares, and debating a cashless society
Friday 21 Feb 2020

This week’s podcast has an exclusive interview with James Anderson who runs the £9bn Scottish Mortgage investment fund.

The team also chat about bizarre movements in stocks and gold this year, how Generation X is losing out financially, and why living in a cashless society might not be so good. Finally, discover why premium bond holders won’t be jumping for joy.  

Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter.

Football, fake tan and finance! It’s a podcast special with Lindsell Train fund manager Nick Train who talks about investing in Manchester United, PZ Cussons and Unilever
Thursday 13 Feb 2020

This week’s podcast features an exclusive interview with Nick Train whose Lindsell Train business manages £22 billion of investors’ money.

He talks about various big name stocks, why he recently invested in the owner of St.Tropez, the appeal of backing football clubs, and how investors should think when markets are troubled.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth

The tough job of running a China investment fund, Tesla’s runaway share price, digesting the new-look Just Eat, and millions of pounds in unclaimed pension tax relief.
Thursday 06 Feb 2020

This week’s podcast chats about how fund managers are reacting to the coronavirus. The team debate why Tesla’s value has doubled in a month, and they consider the challenges ahead for Just Eat following its takeover by You can also hear about the large sums of money many people are failing to claim for their pensions and why diamond prices are on the move.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell Senior Analyst Tom Selby. AJ Bell fund expert Ryan Hughes is this week’s guest.

How pensions and investments have been hit by the coronavirus, Woodford refund time, everything you need to know about infrastructure investments and ISAs versus SIPPs
Friday 31 Jan 2020

This week’s podcast looks at the impact of the major health incident on stocks and commodities. The team also explain why Woodford investors may not be too pleased with their first batch of income fund refunds.

Dan and Laura to talk to Premier Miton fund manager James Smith about everything to do with infrastructure investments. Tom and Dan also chat about the difference between ISAs and SIPPs for people taking an income from their investments in retirement.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth, AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby