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We’ve launched a weekly podcast to help you understand the markets and manage your investment portfolio.

Co-presented by Laura Suter, AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst, and Daniel Coatsworth, editor of Shares Magazine, 'AJ Bell Money & Markets' is the easy way to stay up to speed with the investing world.

You can download and subscribe to 'AJ Bell Money & Markets' for free by visiting the Apple iTunes Podcast Store, Google Podcasts or Spotify and searching for “AJ Bell”. It's also available on Podbean. Or you can go ahead and listen to each episode below.

Why stock markets have rallied, outlook for house prices, investment trusts cutting dividends and getting your will sorted in lockdown
Thursday 11 Jun 2020

This week’s podcast discusses the big rebound in share prices since March and what could happen next. The team chat about the UK property market and what the latest figures are telling us. Dan explains why many investment trusts aren’t as reliable as people think for income, and Laura talks to Kay Ingram from adviser firm LEBC about the importance of having a will.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter

Coping with debt: a special podcast on how personal finances have been affected by coronavirus
Thursday 04 Jun 2020

We take a deeper look into how the pandemic has caused a divide with people’s finances. Some are saving more money and others are taking on more debt.

Dan and Laura debate new data on money habits during lockdown and Clare Seal shares her story about how she managed to get out of a serious debt problem.

Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth

Shop reopening plans drive stock market rally, future for property funds, Boohoo’s problems, paying less tax and fairer rights for retail investors
Thursday 28 May 2020

Join us for a chat about consumer-facing stocks soaring on Government news and a negative report on clothing retailer Boohoo.

This week’s guest is Ryan Hughes from AJ Bell’s investment team who talks to Laura and Dan about problems in the property market and why many fund companies are lining up the next managers for their products.

Find out why we’re all paying less tax and why there is relief for many mortgage borrowers across the country. Anand Sambasivan from PrimaryBid is also on the show to talk about better access for retail investors to discounted share placings.

Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth

Where to still find dividends, how Evenlode is managing its global income fund portfolio and the biotech stocks delivering 200%+ gains
Thursday 21 May 2020

This week’s podcast is an income special. Dan and Laura talk about the sectors still paying dividends in a sea of cuts, what might happen to income funds, and they chat with Ben Peters from Evenlode Global Income Fund about how he is making portfolio changes in a dividend-starved world.

The podcast also discusses how investors have flocked to biotech stocks and why the cost of living is falling in the UK.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance analyst Laura Suter

The future of air travel, claiming refunds for cancelled holidays, impact investing and reviewing your health and life insurance during Covid-19
Thursday 14 May 2020

This week’s podcast considers the investment case for airlines and how the industry is to going to get through the global pandemic. The team also discuss the process for getting a refund on flights and holidays that you haven’t been able to take.

The podcast also has two guests: Kay Ingram from LEBC chats about protection planning during the crisis and Simon Chisholm from Resonance talks about investing in companies trying to solve social problems.

Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth

Wealth tax to pay for coronavirus costs, the role of property in thematic investing, Lifetime ISA changes and why savers have been hit again
Thursday 07 May 2020

This week’s podcast asks what a wealth tax would mean for the UK and how it could be implemented. The team give some good news for people with Lifetime ISAs and reveal why Santander’s 123 account has lost its charm.

Tom Walker from Schroders joins the show to explain why data centres are the new beachfront property and Peter Askew from T Bailey chats about whether the coronavirus is going to alter some of the big investment themes.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter

The world of small caps, markets bouncing back, companies returning to work, changes to income funds, and free financial help
Thursday 30 Apr 2020

This week’s podcast talks about the rally in stocks as investors grow more optimistic. The team talk about housebuilders and retailers opening shop again and how that’s influencing share prices. They also discuss an important change to income funds battling a major freeze on company dividends.

Discover where to get free financial advice as a group of experts offer help during the pandemic. And this week’s guest is fund manager Anna Macdonald from Amati who chats about the small caps she’s been buying and selling.

The slump in the oil price, retail investors locked out of share placings, and how to spread your money around in the current crisis
Thursday 23 Apr 2020

This week’s podcast explains why oil prices have been plummeting and whether that is good news for consumers. 

The team discuss the £4 billion fundraising by 80 companies since March and why retail investors aren’t being allowed to join the party.

They also respond to a listener request on the importance of having a diversified portfolio, and talk to Liontrust’s John Husselbee about how multi-asset funds can play a role in this.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter

Safe haven funds in a crisis, mortgage holidays, the perils of pension withdrawals and inside AJ Bell’s Covid-19 reaction
Thursday 16 Apr 2020

In this episode we look at how Absolute Return funds have performed and how you can tell which will be the stable providers of positive returns. We also look at why there is a peak in pension withdrawals and the things you need to look out for before you take a pension income for the first time.

As the number making use of mortgage holidays during Corona-virus hits 1.2m people we talk about what it really costs, and we’re joined by Andy Bell, chief executive of AJ Bell, to talk about how the company has reacted to Covid-19 and the new charitable fund it has launched.

Presented by AJ Bell analysts Laura Suter and Tom Selby

Shares racing higher, how to prepare your finances for a recession, companies doing good and why people are taking out longer mortgages
Thursday 09 Apr 2020

This week’s podcast teaches listeners how to prepare for tougher economic times, such as managing debts and getting better deals on savings and insurance.

The team explain why airlines, oil companies and retailers have seen a massive share price surge and what to expect next.

You can also learn how companies and company bosses are doing their bit to help staff, communities and the NHS.

And finally, don’t miss a chat about the property market and why people are extending their mortgage past retirement age.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter. This week’s guest is David Hollingworth from mortgage broker L&C.