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We’ve launched a weekly podcast to help you understand the markets and manage your investment portfolio.

Co-presented by Laura Suter, AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst, and Daniel Coatsworth, editor of Shares Magazine, 'AJ Bell Money & Markets' is the easy way to stay up to speed with the investing world.

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Is Snowflake the next big tech stock? Debt fears around buy now, pay later; and this year’s 10-baggers
Friday 18 Sep 2020

Warren Buffett and Snoop Dogg have backed Snowflake and other investors will soon get their chance as the tech business and Amazon challenger heads to the stock market. Listen to this podcast to find out why Snowflake is getting everyone excited.

Greatland Gold has become the sixth London-listed stock this year to see its price rise 10-fold. Dan chats about 10-baggers as part of this week’s review of the markets, which also includes G4S, M&A fever and the latest insight into how fund managers are thinking.

Tom explains the importance of New Look’s restructuring plans and why it has property owners shaking in their boots.

And the pair explores the meteoric rise of Klarna and buy now, pay later and how this service raises the risk of young adults getting into debt.

Presented by AJ Bell’s Dan Coatsworth and Shares’ Deputy Editor Tom Sieber. This week’s guest is Steve Frazer, News Editor at Shares.

The brains behind one of the best performing funds, controversial view on savings rates and why The Hut’s stock market debut is getting everyone excited
Thursday 10 Sep 2020

Join us for a chat with Andrew Vaughan from Free Spirit Fund who explains how his performance has beaten so many other funds.

Dan and Tom discuss the recent US market sell-off, companies getting back on their feet after a difficult 2020, and they ask if businesses that benefited from lockdown measures could now find it harder going.

E-commerce group The Hut is about to join the UK stock market, so the podcast considers why everyone is excited about the business and some glaring red flags with the story.

Do you agree that interest rates are less important when it comes to savings? Find out about why one bank has caused a stir with a new product. There is also a look at news from Royal Mail and the latest mortgage figures.

Presented by Dan Coatsworth and Tom Sieber from AJ Bell and Shares

Tax reforms, avoiding corporate insolvency, resuming earnings guidance, and why the return to schools and offices matters to investors
Thursday 03 Sep 2020

This week’s podcast revisits the topic of raising taxes to pay for Covid support and how the possible changes would affect us. Julie Palmer from Begbies Traynor explains the troubles facing UK businesses and what they can do to avoid insolvency.

Dan explains why companies are starting to resume earnings guidance and why this is important for investors. He also looks at how a change in Japanese prime minister might affect markets, Tesla’s fundraising plans and Saga’s white knight.

Finally, the podcast considers how the return to school and the office will affect certain sectors.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby

The return of IPOs and takeovers, why Apple and Tesla are doing the splits, options for mortgage holidays and pension scams on the rise
Thursday 27 Aug 2020

This week’s podcast explains why the market is braced for a wave of corporate deals. Dan and Laura chat about Ant which could potentially be the largest ever IPO fundraise, they talk about the names headed for the stock market, and takeover rumours currently doing the rounds.

Discover why Apple and Tesla shareholders will soon find they own a lot more shares, and what the UK financial regulator is telling mortgage lenders to do with regards to payment holidays.

Tom Selby joins the show to talk pension scams and there’s a discussion on the prospects of another challenger bank launch.

Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth

Windfall for 18-year olds, US stock market record high, hospitality sector challenges, UK property market surge and what’s on fund managers’ minds
Thursday 20 Aug 2020

This week’s podcast discusses how the first batch of child trust funds are about to mature, and Dan and Laura also discuss the initial impact of Government support to help pubs and restaurants.

Discover why everyone’s getting excited about the UK property market and what’s happening with sales and rental prices.

There is a chat about how fund managers are currently feeling, and what we can learn from the latest UK credit card figures. In this week’s market news, find out why US stocks are surging ahead, what’s going on with Marks & Spencer and why there is more good news with dividends from UK stocks.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter

UK recession figures, savings for children rocket, pension worries and debt crackdown
Thursday 13 Aug 2020

This week we look at the mass of big economic data that’s come out in the past week and what it means for individuals. We also talk about why savings for children have shot up in lockdown, how much you should really be saving in your pension and why the regulator is getting tough on payday lenders.

We also chat to AJ Bell’s Russ Mould about the big market trends of the past week and the surprise winning stock market so far this year.

Presented by Laura Suter and Tom Selby from AJ Bell.

Property funds shake-up, BP’s dividend cut, pensions slashed and Woodford saga update
Thursday 06 Aug 2020

This week we look at huge changes afoot for property funds, the weird reaction to BP’s big dividend cut, why we’re all paying less death tax and why people took less money out of their pensions so far this year. We’ve also got a little update on the ongoing saga of Woodford’s fund.

Presented by Laura Suter and Tom Selby from AJ Bell, and this week’s guest is Simon Molica from AJ Bell.

The return of dividends, Greggs’ big challenge, state pension age court battle and the evolution of ESG funds
Friday 31 Jul 2020

This week’s podcast discusses companies restarting dividends and why this is good news for investors. There’s a look at the latest news from Greggs, Games Workshop and Next. The team also chat about Murray Income Trust merging with Perpetual Income & Growth.

Discover why women are fighting changes to the state pension age and enjoy a debate about using funds to invest in all things ESG.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby. This week’s guest is Simon Molica from AJ Bell.

Mark Slater on growth opportunities, the rampant rise in biotech stocks, silver rally, why young investors have been spooked, and spending habits in lockdown
Thursday 23 Jul 2020

This episode includes a look at the latest events on the markets including why shares in Synairgen, AstraZeneca and Kingfisher have been rising, why Netflix is down, and why silver is suddenly in demand.

This week’s guest interview features fund manager Mark Slater who chats about Codemasters, IWG, Ten Entertainment and Future.

Laura and Dan also chat about where we’ve been spending extra money during lockdown and how this year’s market crash has put a lot of younger people off investing.

Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter

US stocks, Tesla, capital gains tax shock and small cap guru interview
Thursday 16 Jul 2020

This week the podcast goes stateside and looks at the second quarter earnings season for US stocks, why everyone is racing to own a slice of Tesla, and why the presidential election could be bad for stocks if Joe Biden wins.

The team chat about the prospect of higher capital gains tax rates and Dan talks small caps, Games Workshop and much more with fund manager Harry Nimmo from Standard Life Aberdeen.

Presented by AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth.