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Markets rebound, warnings over plummeting pound, and how to pick a financial adviser

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Markets rebound, warnings over plummeting pound, and how to pick a financial adviser

This week Laith Khalaf brings us some big markets news including the markets rebounding (much to the relief of investors), warnings about the pound’s decline, and an update on how energy firms handled that windfall tax announcement last week.

Laura Suter is back, and delves into data on whether low-cost food has faced bigger price hikes during the cost of living crisis. She also chats to a financial adviser, Peter Chadborn of Plan Money, to help you understand when you might want to use one and the sort of questions you should be asking.

And in this week’s investment interview, Tom Sieber chats to Duncan Ball, co-chief executive of BBGI Global Infrastructure. Infrastructure is highly prized for its inflation-protected income at the moment, and they chat about how that affects the fund’s portfolio.

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