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Investors focus on Ukraine

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Investors focus on Ukraine

On Money and Markets this week Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson assess what the situation in Ukraine could mean for markets, from soaring oil to falling share prices – as investors figure out which sectors stand to lose from increased sanctions. 

We also assess the latest financial updates from UK banks, and Dan chats to Neil Shelton from GXO – a huge name in global logistics – about all those supply chain issues we’ve heard so much about. 

You’ll learn how can you make money from music if you’re not a talented musician, as Paul Flood from Newton Investment management joins Danni to talk streaming and where investors can find opportunities. 

We also look at why house prices have jumped by the biggest amount in over 20 years despite rising interest rates. And Laura Suter catches up with Stephen Holiday, the boss of financial app Level, who thinks your employer might be able to help you with your saving goals.

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