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Fund manager stock ideas for an inflationary world, environmental tracker funds and big changes to UK stamps

0:00 ~41 mins

Fund manager stock ideas for an inflationary world, environmental tracker funds and big changes to UK stamps

Dan Coatsworth talks to Ken Wotton, manager of the Gresham House UK Multi Cap Income Fund about two companies which he believes could help consumers deal with inflationary pressures – and B&M. 

Laura Suter looks at the latest UK figures on the cost of living, and she explains why anyone who has been hoarding stamps for future use will need pay a visit to the Post Office to exchange them for new bar-coded ones.

Get the latest update on global markets, with Dan looking at the impact of tensions between Russia and Ukraine on stocks and shares, the latest numbers from Airbnb, and a warning from Heineken about pushing up prices.

Chris Mellor from Invesco explains how investors can access environmental themes using tracker funds, and Laura looks at UK green bonds where rates have become more generous. 

Finally, Dan talks with Simon Collins from Konexo about the rise of Dear CEO letters in the banking and insurance space, and why they are important.

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