Our iOS and Android dealing app

What if the markets move when you’re on the move? Our app for iPhone, iPad and Android lets you place deals and manage your investments – wherever you happen to be.

iPhone, iPad and Android

With our app for iPhone and Android, you can securely access your account anywhere. Here’s what you can do with just a few swipes of a finger:

  • Log into your account with Touch ID/fingerprint login
  • Check the value of your portfolio
  • Choose to deal ‘at best’, ‘stop loss’ or ‘limit order’
  • View all your current active orders
  • Read and send secure messages
  • View your cash statement
  • View your transaction history
  • Access Shares magazine if you maintain a balance of £4,000 or more*

*Currently only available for iPhone and iPad

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Keeping your personal information safe

We know that nothing is more important than keeping your information secure. That’s why our apps use exactly the same high level of security as on our dealing site. All information sent and received is passed securely over 256 bit encryption.

  • We won’t gather or use information from your mobile device, or pass it to third parties, without your prior consent
  • When you log in, your username and password aren’t stored on your mobile device – unless you choose ‘Remember my username’. If you do, we create a ‘key’ that contains your username, which is encrypted and stored on your mobile device. The functionality to decrypt this key is stored by us (and isn’t on your mobile device). When you log in, we’ll verify the key and allow you to log in securely. So if you were to lose your mobile device, you can be sure your login details couldn’t be accessed from it
  • For added security, the Android app will log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. On the iOS app, you can change how long you can be inactive before you're logged out – but only for read-only access. If you logged in using your username, password and security question, you'll still be logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

To find out more about account security, visit our security centre.

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Read our frequently asked questions on our mobile dealing apps

How much do the apps cost?

Our apps are free to download.

What are the prices quoted on the app?

The prices quoted are delayed by 15 minutes, but if you are dealing in equities the price quoted when you place a deal is the actual price you deal at.

Can I use the apps outside the UK?

Yes you can, but you must have downloaded the app first as this can only be done within the UK.

How secure are your mobile dealing apps?

Our apps use the same high level of security as our dealing site with all information sent and received securely with a 256-bit encryption. The apps will also time out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

When you login you will be offered the option of having the apps remember your username, and if you choose this then a ‘key’ is created that represents your device and is stored on your mobile device in an encrypted form. We have the functionality to decrypt this key to allow you to login again securely, so even if your device is lost there is no way that the information can be accessed from it.

Do I need new log in details to use the apps?

No, you can simply use your existing username and password.

What are the terms and conditions of the apps?

When you use the apps you are bound by our iPhone and iPad or Android terms and conditions.

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