Our Google Chrome extension

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Check your portfolio’s performance in one convenient click

Now you can keep tabs on your portfolio… no matter which tabs you have open. Our Google Chrome extension lets you check how your accounts are doing, anywhere and anytime, with a single click of your toolbar.

To get started, just log into the Chrome extension with your AJ Bell Youinvest account. This grants you read-only access to your account – letting you view your portfolio’s performance simply by left-clicking the AJ Bell logo in your toolbar.

You can log out easily by right-clicking the same logo, choosing ‘Options’, then ‘Log out’. And you can remove the extension any time you like.

What is a Google Chrome extension?

A Google Chrome extension is a software program that modifies or enhances your Chrome browser. You can view all the available extensions by visiting the Chrome web store.

View and download the AJ Bell Youinvest Chrome extension in the Chrome web store:

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