Managing your portfolio

Managing your portfolio

You have invested in one of our portfolios, so what do you do next?

Although our tracker funds are designed to be held for at least three years, there is no reason why they won’t last you much longer. We recommend that you review your portfolio at least every six months and rest assured we will keep you updated of any key changes to our global tracker portfolios.

How can you monitor your portfolio?

Log in to your account and view your portfolio. Here you can see both how your investments are doing and any cash available for investment.

Each month we will publish an update about the global tracker portfolios which will tell you how the portfolios and underlying tracker funds are performing.

You will be able to monitor your investment performance and see how your portfolio compares to our recommended portfolios at any time.

We don’t expect to be making significant changes to the global tracker portfolios but we include any changes in our monthly updates.

What is rebalancing?

Rebalancing a portfolio means adjusting the holdings so that it replicates the theoretical position of the portfolio.

As an example, if you invest in a portfolio made up of two equal investments into a UK equity tracker and a UK bond tracker. Say you invest £10,000 i.e. £5000 into each fund. Twelve months later the UK equity fund has risen by 5% to £5,250 but the UK bond fund has fallen by 5% to £4,750.

If you decide to rebalance, you will sell £250 worth of UK equity fund and buy £250 of the UK bond fund.

However, if you do this you:-

  • may be putting too much store in the 50/50 split being absolutely the correct asset allocation for you
  • will be incurring dealing costs to buy and sell the funds
  • will be selling the better performing fund to buy the inferior fund (based on one year’s investment performance)

Generally it is better to hold investments for the longer term and it is not always right to make changes – for example, we may have identified a cheaper tracker for an index and be replacing the one you bought from our model portfolio. Before you rush into selling your existing fund and buying the new one, you need to make sure that the cost saving is really worth having for you, given the dealing costs of making the switch between the investments.

We won’t make any changes to your investments on your behalf. If you have bought a tracker fund and we are suggesting a replacement, we won’t sell your fund and buy the new one for you, nor will we buy and sell fractions of your investments to bring them back into balance with our model portfolio. It’s up to you what you do with your investments.

What about income?

All our trackers are chosen on the basis of low investment costs. As a result, some of the trackers are income units and will pay income in the form of dividends. You might want to use this cash to pay our fees or for making other investments.

You can also use our regular investment service to reinvest income into our trackers and only pay £1.50 per deal.

How do you invest more money into a portfolio?

To get the correct asset allocation within our portfolio there is a minimum investment of £4,000 for our ready made portfolios. If you are investing £4,000 or more simply go to the investment guidance pages and choose your portfolio, account and the money you want to invest. Then click on invest in this portfolio. If you are investing less than £4,000 you can amend the portfolio allocation using our build your own portfolio tool.

How do you sell investments in your portfolio?

You can sell you investments by clicking Deal within your account. It’s up to you which you sell and you can sell some of each tracker if you wish. The charge for sales is £9.95 per deal.

Ready-made portfolios

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This portfolio aims to give a steady total return over time.

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Adventurous portfolio

This portfolio aims for higher growth by accepting higher volatility.

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Build your own portfolio using the AJ Bell Youinvest investment guidance

Build your own portfolio

This tool lets you create your own portfolio from our top tracker list.

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