Cautious portfolio

Please understand if you wish to build your portfolio we will not be able to guide you on the risk levels.

Our cautious portfolio aims to give a steady total return over time.

This portfolio has a significant proportion of its assets in bonds and fixed interest securities and aims to provide steady capital growth and income.

Investment chargesInvestment guidance charge Nil
Our purchase charge per investment £4.95*Annual fund managers' charge 0.20%
Minimum investment £4,000Our annual custody charge 0.25%**

* To invest in the cautious portfolio the total dealing charge will be £29.70

** Custody charge capped at £25 per quarter for SIPPs, £7.50 per quarter for ISA and Dealing accounts and £5 per quarter for Junior ISAs.

The annual fund managers' charge is the blended fund managers' charge across the portfolio, using the industry standard Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF).

For full details of all charges see our charges.

Remember that this is only guidance to help you - you should research each investment and consider whether it suits you before investing. Once you have invested you are responsible for managing your investments. Please also note that this portfolio includes a large proportion of fixed interest investments and the prices of these tend to move in the opposite direction to interest rates, which are currently at unusually low levels. Read more.

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6 investments in this portfolio
Avg:0.20% p.a.
Total allocation: 100%

Historical summary

This historical summary is for illustration purposes only. Historic performance of this portfolio has been calculated using the current asset allocation and the selected tracker funds where available. One or more of the tracker funds may have a performance history shorter than 10 years and where this is the case an appropriate index or indices have been selected to simulate the performance of the tracker fund(s). The index performance will not have been subject to tracker fund related charges. The fund managers' total annual charge for the selected portfolio is 0.2% p.a. The chart shows total return, or capital growth plus income and is not a guide to future performance.

For full details of the calculation of historic performance for the global tracker portfolios or to find out more about the indices which are being used please contact the Dealing services team.

Please remember that divergence from this model portfolio could lead to significantly different returns from those shown here. The returns are intended as an example of market variations, rather than any guarantee of future performance.

Annualised Total Return: 5.56%.

Historic performance chart

Source data: Morningstar TM

Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Note that divergence from this allocation could lead to significantly different returns from those shown here. The returns are intended as an example of the ups and downs of markets, rather than any guarantee of performance.

Portfolio Strategy and Volatility

Portfolio strategy and volatility

The portfolio aims to provide income with some potential for modest capital gains with a relatively low degree of volatility, over the medium to long term.

About this mix

The portfolio mainly includes Government and good-quality corporate bonds to provide income and some potential for modest capital gains. The short-dated tracker fund (0 to 5 year) has a portion of its assets in cash and is a fair proxy for cash, to provide some capital protection. The index-linked tracker funds provide some protection from inflation.

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