About this service

About this service

If you are looking for help with investing your money then our free investment guidance service could be right for you.

You can choose one of our ready-made portfolios of low-cost tracker funds, or you can design your own portfolio – using investments from our carefully researched list of the best value tracker funds available.

An introduction to global tracker portfolios

We have chosen sixteen major investment markets across the globe and have researched the best low-cost funds that track each of these markets – our top tracker list.

There are three ready-made global tracker portfolios, each consisting of six funds that are drawn from our top tracker list.  The ready-made portfolios cater for varying degrees of risk appetite – cautious, balanced and adventurous – and are designed with a medium to long term time horizon. You can hold the portfolios in your ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP or Dealing account. Our choosing your portfolio page will help you decide which portfolio is right for you.

We provide monthly portfolio updates and commentary so you can manage your portfolio to the best possible effect.

There is no extra cost for using our global tracker portfolios and the cost of buying a ready made portfolio is just £29.70. See our charges for full details.

Please remember that our free investment guidance service is not a personal recommendation nor is it advice tailored to your individual circumstances. If you are unsure about your investment options then please consult a suitably qualified financial adviser.

Our service is designed to give you a cost-effective and convenient portfolio-building tool.

Ready-made portfolios

Invest in the AJ Bell Youinvest cautious portfolio

Cautious portfolio

This portfolio aims to give a steady total return over time.

Try our cautious portfolio
Invest in the AJ Bell Youinvest balanced portfolio

Balanced portfolio

This portfolio aims for growth and income through taking some risk without extreme volatility.

Try our balanced portfolio
Invest in the AJ Bell Youinvest adventurous portfolio

Adventurous portfolio

This portfolio aims for higher growth by accepting higher volatility.

Try our adventurous portfolio
Build your own portfolio using the AJ Bell Youinvest investment guidance

Build your own portfolio

This tool lets you create your own portfolio from our top tracker list.

Try our build your own portfolio