Child Trust Fund to Junior ISA transfers

You can transfer the savings from a Child Trust Fund (CTF) to our Junior ISA. It's a low-cost, tax-efficient way of saving for your child's future.

We offer a stocks and shares Junior ISA with a great range of benefits:

  • Low charges
  • Manage all your family’s accounts in one place
  • Deal online from £1.50
  • Wide range of investment options
  • Save regularly from £25

Transferring your Child Trust Fund

To transfer a CTF to us, you’ll need to open a Junior ISA. It’s a simple online process that takes under 10 minutes. You’ll be asked to provide details of the CTF you are transferring (including the child’s Unique Reference Number), and will need to complete and post us a Child Trust Fund to Junior ISA transfer form.

Keep in mind that your child can’t hold both a CTF and Junior ISA at the same time. So you’ll need to transfer the CTF in full – and once transferred, it'll be closed. The registered contact for both the Junior ISA and the CTF must be the same person (though you can change this later), and only the registered contact is able to request the transfer.

Open a Junior ISA