What happens when the child reaches 18?

When your child turns 18, their Junior ISA will become a Stocks and shares ISA. As an adult, they’ll become the account holder, responsible for managing their account and able to withdraw monies.

Here's how the transfer of control – from you to them – happens.

When your child turns 18, we'll post them out an ISA declaration form. They’ll need to complete and send this back, along with two forms of ID. As the registered contact, you’ll get a copy of the letter too.

The ISA will be suspended until we receive, and check, their declaration and ID. Once this is done, we'll email them a new username and instructions to reset the password. After that, the ISA will be in their name and no longer the registered contact’s.

If they decide they still want the registered contact to have access to their account, they can – by filling in a Family linking form. The registered contact will need their own account to be linked to.