What happens to my ISA if I die?

Where the holder of a ISA dies, their ISA will retain its tax benefits until the earlier of the completion of the administration of the estate, the third anniversary of the death or the closure of the account. Both Stocks and shares ISAs and Lifetime ISAs are treated in this way.

The surviving spouse or civil partner of a deceased ISA holder can inherit their ISA tax benefits. This takes the form of an additional subscription allowance equal to the value of the ISA at the holder’s death and is in addition to the survivor’s own ISA allowance.

The additional subscription allowance is equal to the total value of all the deceased account holder's ISAs, including Lifetime ISAs.

Providing that you have an AJ Bell Youinvest Stocks and shares ISA(s) and your spouse’s Stocks and shares ISA(s) was held with AJ Bell Youinvest you are able to use your additional ISA allowance with us. We do not currently accept transferred additional allowances from other ISA Managers.

Please remember that tax rules can change in the future, and the tax treatment depends on your personal circumstance.