I have subscribed more than £4,000 into ISAs this tax year. Can I move some of this across to the Lifetime ISA?

You're not allowed to partially transfer ISA subscriptions you've paid in the current tax year. So, if you've subscribed more than £4,000 in a Stock and shares or cash ISA you won't be able to move £4,000 of this to a Lifetime ISA later this year. If you're planning on opening a Lifetime ISA with us later this tax year, you'll need to make sure you don’t subscribe more than £4,000 just yet.

For example, if you have subscribed £5,000 into your Stocks and shares ISA, you wouldn’t be able to transfer it across to a Lifetime ISA. However if you have subscribed £4,000 or less this tax year to your Stocks and shares ISA, you could transfer this to a Lifetime ISA.