Pharmstandard gets buy-out of shares request

PJSC Pharmstandard has received from Augment Investments Ltd, its controlling shareholder, the request for buy-out of Pharmstandard's shares.

The Request states that Augment Investments and its affiliates own 98.12% of the shareholders capital.

The buy-out is executed under Russian law and the proposed buy-out price has been set out in accordance with the requirements of Article 84.8(4) of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies".

The proposed buy-out price equals to RUB 1,050 per one Share and exceeds Market value of one Share by RUB 10. The Market value of one Share has been determined by an independent appraiser (Share Appraisal Report No. 015/16 dated 31 August 2016) and equaled to RUB 1,040 per one Share.

The record date (the date on which the list of owners of the Shares to be bought is determined) is November 29, 2016 (the 46th day following the date the Request is sent to PJSC Pharmstandard).

Owners of the Shares to be bought out are authorized to provide the Registrar of PJSC Pharmstandard with an application with its bank account details at: 107996, Moscow, Stromynka Str., h. 18, bl. 13, for JSC R.O.S.T. Registrar.