Sareum notes Japan, Singapore Patent Grants

Sareum said the Japan and Singapore Patent Offices have issued notifications that patents will be granted for inventions associated with Sareum's Aurora+FLT3 kinase inhibitor programme.

These patents describe compounds that inhibit the activity of Aurora and FLT3 kinase enzymes and the medical use of these compounds, particularly in the treatment of cancer.

The granting of this patent in Japan means that Sareum will now have approved patent protection in all major territories for its Aurora+FLT3 kinase inhibitor programme.

The Company announced that similar patents were to be granted in the USA and Europe in September 2015 and in China in August 2016.

Sareum's Aurora+FLT3 kinase inhibitor programme targets acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and other leukaemias and lymphomas. In disease models of AML, the preclinical development candidate molecule demonstrates greater than 98% tumour inhibition.

Preclinical development studies to obtain approval for human clinical trials are being undertaken in collaboration with, and funded by, Hebei Medical University Biomedical Engineering Center (HMUBEC) in China.