Press Roundup

A brief summary of Monday's main business headlines... Coverage of sterling, Brexit, Barclays, UK car industry, Marmite war, Misys, Capita, William Hill, Facebook and much more...


Marmite battle signals wider war between retailers and suppliers

UK gilt yields soar on 'hard Brexit' and inflation fears

Markets Spotlight: Fed hike is coming but do not expect more

Emerging markets displace US and UK in FDI league table

The week ahead: Final US presidential debate and UK inflation figures

US investment banking makes a comeback

UK car industry fears effects of Brexit tariffs on supply chain

French plot revolt over new European rules for failing banks

UK prosecutors question Barclays executives for Libor probe

UK looks at paying billions into EU budget after Brexit

Aggressive drivers see autonomous cars as easy prey

Britain after Brexit: Lionel Barber's lecture in Tokyo

Will Brexit cause a sterling crisis?

Downing Street insists May wants Mark Carney to stay

Biden hints at US cyber revenge on Russia

Donald Trump redoubles 'rigged election' claims

Donald Trump and Republican party at war in Ohio

Germany warns hard Brexit will damage UK car industry

Will Brexit cause a sterling crisis?


Misys set to slash price of flotation

Power plants seek nuclear option to end jellyfish raids

Dealmakers give Britain the cold shoulder

Kepler claims tide is turning for power in the Severn Estuary

Store giants apply 'unfair' cost squeeze on suppliers

Treasury is ordered to stop meddling


Euro 'house of cards' to collapse, warns ECB prophet

Itchy feet at Bank of England as staff eye exit door

Ministry of Defence contractor hopeful Penman Engineering thrown lifeline by Hull lorry-building firm

Software giant Misys to slash value of listing amid market turbulence

Highland Spring sales fizz as thirst for bottled water overtakes soft drinks

Comment: Whatever Theresa May's philosophy is, it must not entail too much messing with markets

How tuna supports the arms trade, and other tales from the murky world of offsetting

Comment: Samsung's phone debacle demonstrates why we need a battery revolution

Livingbridge's Wol Kolade: 'Fame was easy when we were called Isis'

Comment: Infrastructure lies at heart of the UK's ambition to expand beyond Europe

Capita says plunge in the pound has delivered a £2.5bn dividend windfall this quarter

EY cuts partner profits to pay for technology upgrades

The week ahead in business and finance

Software giant Misys to slash value of listing amid market turbulence

Barclays taken to employment tribunal by former senior executive

Facebook signs up to Privacy Shield data treaty

William Hill to press ahead with controversial merger talks


Euro is a 'house of cards' ready to collapse, key founder warns

MPs accuse Government of preferring 'dirty diesel' to renewables

Hard Brexit deal could leave UK vulnerable to gas crisis, MPs warn

Eurostar to cut train services due to 'challenging environment'

Nissan chief 'confident' about investing in UK after Brexit

William Hill needs to call time on its bad bet

Pound sterling could be 'worth less than a dollar within three years'

Thousands of Asda workers win major step in equal pay claim battle

'Flash crash' trader to be extradited after losing appeal


Rising inflation to hit consumers until 2018, forecasters say

Economists believe CPI will have jumped to 0.9% when data is published this week after slide of sterling since Brexit vote

UK faces growth slowdown as Brexit challenges hit

Banks could move assets out of UK by 2017 if 'EU passport' is lost

Theresa May to visit India in signal of trading priorities post-Brexit

Rising inflation to hit consumers until 2018, forecasters say

Brexit Debate in parliament would give game away to Brussels, says Patel

Debate in parliament would give game away to Brussels, says Patel

Property rentals to outstrip sales for first time since 1930s


Confidence in Britain at five year high after Brexit in slap in the face to Remoaners

Posh crisps brand Tyrrells shuns Brexit fears to make its own US trade deal

Mark Carney might not be Bank of England Govenor for long, says Geoff Ho

Sky and BT to battle for European club rugby rights next year

Tesco in love-hate battle with suppliers

Inflation set to double as GDP slows

Deutsche Bank doom - Struggling bank could be told to sell its US business