Digital Barriers notes G4S technology partnership

Digital Barriers confirms a strategic partnership with G4S, a global, integrated security company specialising in the delivery of security and related services.

The partnership will see G4S offer the unique ThruVis capability from Digital Barriers to provide a level of security for crowded public spaces including transportation hubs and sporting, leisure and other special events that has not been available until now.

ThruVis is a special camera that can detect threats concealed under clothing, such as weapons or explosives, without disrupting the throughput of people across transportation networks and into large event centres, stadiums or other crowded public spaces.

ThruVis is mobile, discreet and rapidly deployed. It has been used effectively by government agencies around the world and is now being made available across the broader public safety market for the first time.

G4S recognises the need to provide greater protection of crowded public spaces in light of recent terrorist atrocities, but that by doing this it risks degrading the passenger or visitor experience due to lengthy queues on entry.

ThruVis is an ideal solution to this challenge.