Press Roundup

A brief summary of Monday's main business headlines... Extensive coverage of Brexit, US election, Warren Buffett, sterling, Knight Frank, William Hill, Facebook and much more...


The sharp costs of Brexit will be felt soon enough

Investors braced for pound to fall further

Who are the winners and losers from the pound's fall?

Renminbi eyes lows as China enjoys reserve currency status

Pound, gilts and oil in the limelight this week

Wall Street bosses warn on Brexit risks

UBS exited Wanda deal over compliance

Frankfurt vies for UK banking jobs post-Brexit

UK retreats on plans to make companies list foreign workers

The $62bn secret of Warren Buffett's success

Wall Street bosses warn on Brexit risks

The sharp costs of Brexit will be felt soon enough

A compromise on immigration will profit Brexit Britain

UK retreats on plans to make companies list foreign workers

Battle lines harden over competing visions of Brexit

Trump angst looms over economic elite at IMF meetings

Wall Street bosses warn on Brexit risks

Leading Republicans call for Trump to quit presidential race

Defiant Trump leaves Republicans in crisis

China anti-corruption campaign backfires


Speculators bet big against sterling

Faltering services shows the strain

Turning coppers into serious cash

Rinehart steers joint bid with Chinese for Australian cattle empire

Is the Golden Goose about to be cooked in a Brexit sauce?


Facebook gets £11m tax credit, after vowing to pay more to taxman

China's population is increasingly consumer-based

Faberge attracts admirers as Gemfields ponders sale

Comment: Breaking up BT would be bad for investment and bad for Britain

Brexit gloom has lifted but the big issue still looms large: is the world facing an era of permanent low-growth?

Comment: The UK's economic interests are not the same as those of self-interested business leaders

Comment: Hard Brexit shouldn't carry the can for sterling's woes

Comment: Twitter bid flop: Blue bird of unhappiness is flying backwards

Comment: The world finally realises that yes, Brexit means Brexit

Richard Branson calls for Government to protect Green Investment Bank

Knight Frank reports record turnover but profits dive

MPs to probe Bernard Matthews pre-pack deal

Former Little Chef investor to the rescue at Ed's Easy Diner

William Hill's Canadian merger in play before failed takeover bid

Benugo and Searcys owner bounces back into profit

The Guinness story books a record for tourism numbers - and a profit to boot


Gatwick: Heathrow will 'likely fail' to build runway if it wins bid

Facebook pays up £4m corporation tax after campaign pressure

Ben & Jerry's publicly endorses Black Lives Matter

Pound crash slashes Sports Direct profits by £15m

Philip Hammond scraps plan to sell off Lloyds bank shares to public

US adds 156,000 jobs as economy shows signs of resilience

Five charts that show how the pound has been ravaged by Brexit

UK trade deficit doubles after Brexit as pound continues to slide

Brexit will cause the pound to fall to €1 and $1.10 by end of 2017


Brexit 'risks destroying UK's open economy', says CBI chief

Theresa May rules out Commons vote on single market exit

What's the plan? After sterling's plunge, bosses plead for clarity on Brexit

Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7 phone after battery fires - reports

Facebook enjoys £11m UK tax credit while making £5bn global profit

Property UK luxury home sales recovering

Spirits up at Bolney Wines with £2m investment and expansion

Investment fraud targets are men in their 60s in urban areas, say police

RMT calls for further talks to avert Southern strike


Post-Brexit household spending boosted by UK's fine summer weather

City News: Ted Baker, GBK, and Gin distilleries

Share Hunter: Every little helps in Tesco's revival of fortunes

Warning to EU: Brexit set to hit eurozone's economy, says ECB boss Draghi

Frankfurt replace London Europe finance capital ex-minister Jeremy Browne