Scotgold issues early bulk processing trial results

Scotgold Resources said it is pleased with the preliminary results of the bulk-processing trial and in particular the potentially positive implications for the future development of Cononish.

"We look forward to completing the technical work streams underway to incorporate the opportunities identified into a revised development plan and assessing their economic impact," it said in a statement.

"We also look forward to achieving our first sales of Scottish Gold at a premium to spot price before the end of this year."


- 870 t (wet) ore processed

- 8g/t Au feed grade

- 10 t (wet) pyrite concentrate produced containing approx. 200g/t Au

- 200kg (wet) galena concentrate produced containing approx. 9,000g/t Au

- 530g gold dore produced

- 62% Au overall recovery from BPT, with balance remaining in tail for future further processing.