Energiser grants options

Energiser Investments has granted 3,050,000 share options each to Stephen Wicks and Nishith Malde under its unapproved share option scheme which has been amended to include non-executive directors.

The options have an exercise price of 2 pence per share and are exercisable between the third and tenth anniversaries of the date of grant.

As previously stated, immediately prior to the grant, Malde surrendered his historic share options (700,000 options over ordinary shares at an exercise price of 20 pence per share). Wicks did not hold any historic share options.

The has made a further grant of 4,750,000 options to Dominic White who, as announced on 29 September, recently accepted the position of chief executive officer having been appointed as a non-executive director on 23 May. The options granted to White are subject to the multiple performance related vesting criteria.