Fusionex wins deal with global media conglomerate

Fusionex has won a million-dollar contract with one of the world's largest providers of digital media and brand intelligence.

The group says this is the latest significant win for its next generation big data platform, Fusionex GIANT 2016 and a further pleasing endorsement of its market-leading Big Data proposition.

The global media conglomerate provides brand management and customer engagement for internationally renowned companies.

It enables its clients to take full advantage of the power of internet/online data, social media and sales data. The company captures hundreds of millions of online interactions on a daily basis, and mines all of this data continuously. The volume and complexity of this data currently amounts to hundreds of terabytes and is expanding daily.

Fusionex GIANT 2016 will empower the business to connect, collect, monitor, process, and analyse a multitude of online and offline data with greater efficiency via GIANT's ability for real-time analytics and it will be integral in the management of data streams which are being constantly generated. This data can now be leveraged using GIANT to analyse the considerable amounts of data and convert it into actionable insights.

Fusionex chief executive Ivan Teh said: "This is a significant win with a great client, and it demonstrates an accelerating awareness that the usage of digital platforms is outpacing companies' ability to analyse data using conventional methods. "We are delighted with the win and are committed to helping the new customer leverage our platform to grow at scale. With its numerous subsidiaries, we see a great opportunity to expand beyond this and broaden the horizon of the customer's business."