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Interim Result

03/02/2022 Renishaw PLC (RSW)
04/02/2022 Airtel Africa PLC (AAF)

Final Result

31/01/2022 Porvair PLC (PRV)
31/01/2022 React Group PLC (REAT)
03/02/2022 Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB)


31/01/2022 Georgia Capital PLC (CGEO)
31/01/2022 Logistics Development Group PLC (LDG)
31/01/2022 Global Petroleum Limited (GBP)
31/01/2022 Star Phoenix Group LTD (STA)
01/02/2022 Schroder Asiapacific Fund PLC (SDP)
01/02/2022 Polar Capital Global Financials Trust PLC (PCFT)
02/02/2022 Playtech PLC (PTEC)
02/02/2022 Premier Miton Group PLC (PMI)
02/02/2022 Scottish Investment Trust PLC (SCIN)
03/02/2022 Compass Group PLC (CPG)
03/02/2022 Ten Lifestyle Group PLC (TENG)
03/02/2022 Jpmorgan Indian Investment Trust PLC (JII)
03/02/2022 Sage Group PLC (SGE)
03/02/2022 Hyve Group PLC (HYVE)
04/02/2022 Pcf Group PLC (PCF)
04/02/2022 Shaftesbury PLC (SHB)

Trading Statement

31/01/2022 Renewi PLC (RWI)
01/02/2022 Plant Health Care PLC (PHC)
03/02/2022 Virgin Wines UK PLC (VINO)
03/02/2022 UK Commercial Property Reit Limited (UKCM)


31/01/2022 European Assets Trust PLC (EAT)
31/01/2022 Focusrite PLC (TUNE)
31/01/2022 Smart (J.) & Co. (Contractors) PLC (SMJ)
31/01/2022 Lowland Investment Company PLC (LWI)
31/01/2022 Dotdigital Group PLC (DOTD)
31/01/2022 Topps Tiles PLC (TPT)
01/02/2022 United Utilities Group PLC (UU.)
01/02/2022 Mercantile Investment Trust (The) PLC (MRC)
01/02/2022 F&C Investment Trust PLC (FCIT)
01/02/2022 Johnson Matthey PLC (JMAT)
01/02/2022 Cardiff Property PLC (CDFF)
02/02/2022 Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus PLC (AAS)
02/02/2022 Britvic PLC (BVIC)
02/02/2022 Workspace Group PLC (WKP)
02/02/2022 Mitie Group PLC (MTO)
03/02/2022 Residential Secure Income PLC (RESI)
03/02/2022 Picton Property Income LD (PCTN)
03/02/2022 Xps Pensions Group PLC (XPS)
03/02/2022 Treatt PLC (TET)
03/02/2022 Starwood European Real Estate Finance Limited (SWEF)
03/02/2022 Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust PLC (PCGH)
03/02/2022 M&G Credit Income Investment Trust PLC (MGCI)
03/02/2022 Edinburgh Investment Trust PLC (EDIN)
03/02/2022 Dwf Group PLC (DWF)
03/02/2022 Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust PLC (DIG)
03/02/2022 Blackrock Income And Growth Investment Trust PLC (BRIG)
03/02/2022 Gcp Asset Backed Income Fund Limited (GABI)
03/02/2022 Henderson International Income Trust PLC (HINT)
03/02/2022 North American Income Trust (The) PLC (NAIT)
03/02/2022 Merchants Trust PLC (MRCH)
03/02/2022 Jpmorgan Russian Securities PLC (JRS)
03/02/2022 Jpmorgan Global Core Real Assets Limited Ord Npv Usd (JARU)
03/02/2022 Paypoint PLC (PAY)