Wishbone Gold identifies big gold targets


Archived article

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Precious metals exploration firm Wishbone Gold said its independent geological consultants in Australia, Terra Search, have identified four magnetic targets of considerable size covering 2.4km by 400m on its Patersons Range Project in the Havieron and Telfer region of Western Australia.

The company said it was significant that 'these targets are much shallower than the Havieron discovery, with the top of the magnetic targets ranging from 150m to 250m below surface'.

In addition, Wishbone completed its legal and technical due diligence on the Patersons Range Project tenements and will now move to close the acquisition on the terms announced on 5 October 2020.

Wishbone Gold chairman Richard Poulden said: 'The Terra Search and Terra Resources analysis of the prospectivity of the major tenement in the Patersons Range Project is highly encouraging.'