Syncona performance slips in December quarter as Nightstar shares fall

Writer, Stock Market Wire
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 07:21

Healthcare company investor Syncona said its performance slipped over the December quarter due to a fall in the share price of portfolio company Nightstar.

For the three months through December, Syncona posted a total return of negative 6.6%.

However, over the nine months through December the company posted a total return of 23.9%.

Other portfolio company, Blue Earth Diagnostics, showed good sales momentum with US unit sales of Axumin for the treatment of prostate cancer rising 17% to of 7,575.

Nightstar, meanwhile, announced plans to initiate a phase 2/3 expansion study in its second programme for treating vision impairment.

'We are pleased with the strong progress across our companies over the period,' chief executive Martin Murphy said.

'As we look forward, we continue to see a strong pipeline of exciting opportunities where we can continue to build globally competitive companies around exceptional science.'

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