Inmarsat signs contract to provide Indonesian national carrier Garuda with inflight broadband

Satellite communications company Inmarsat said Wednesday it had signed a contract to provide inflight broadband to Indonesian national carrier Garuda.

Immarsat would work together with wireless technology provider Mahata Aero Teknologi, Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Systems to provide its inflight connectivity service GX Aviation.

The agreement to supply Garuda Indonesia with GX Aviation marked the extension of Mahata's existing 10-year contract with low-cost carrier Citilink, also part of the Garuda Indonesia Group, for the inflight broadband solution.

The service went live on the first Citilink aircraft earlier this month and was scheduled to launch with Garuda later this year.

GX Aviation was the world's first and only global, high-speed inflight connectivity service delivered through a wholly-owned and operated network of high-throughput satellites, according to Immarsat.

'Asia Pacific has become one of our biggest markets for GX Aviation. The fact that Indonesia's national airline and low-cost carrier have both selected the service within months of each other is testament to GX Aviation's status as the global benchmark for inflight broadband,' said Philip Balaam, President of Inmarsat Aviation.