BigDish completes acquisition of Looloo

Writer, Stock Market Wire
Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 07:36

Food tech company BigDish said Thursday it had completed the acquisition of Looloo, a web and app-based restaurant and travel discovery business focused in the Philippines.

BigDish said the acquisition would help it grow its current userbase in the Philippines.

'Looloo is one of the Philippines' leading platforms in the restaurant and travel discovery space. Founded in 2012, it contains information, recommendations and reviews on restaurants, hotels and travel in the Philippines,' said Joost Boer, CEO.

'It has over 28,000 restaurants recorded, a monthly average of up to 500,000 unique visits, approximately 200,000 app installs and over 320,000 reviews. Across its social media platforms, Looloo has also drawn a large audience with over 370,000 Facebook followers and tens of thousands of Instagram and Twitter followers which have been organically grown,' said Joost Boer, CEO.

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