Acron increases output by 19%

Acron Group said it increased mineral fertiliser output by 19% in first nine months of 2017.

The Company said it achieved all-time high results for 9M and H1 due to sustainable operation of the ammonia unit commissioned in 2016 in Veliky Novgorod and upgrades to key production units at both facilities.

"The Group increased ammonia output by almost 25%, with the new Ammonia-4 unit more than tripling its output year-on-year to 582,000 tonnes (9M 2016: 176,000 tonnes). Following upgrades to the urea units at Acron's Veliky Novgorod facility, urea output increased 19%. Ammonium nitrate output at the Acron and Dorogobuzh facilities increased 19% and 12%," Acron added.

"Complex fertiliser output was up 46% over nine months of the year. Acron Group is adapting to changing market conditions and growing demand for complex fertilisers by increasing its output and range of brands. The Group will continue to produce new brands of NPK and blended fertilisers to meet the market's needs.

"The Group hit another record with its NPK output, which climbed 17% due to implementing the project, which increased capacity at the two Veliky Novgorod-based NPK units to 2,000-tpd. In 2016, Dorogobuzh also revamped its NPK unit as part of a scheduled overhaul.

"In the reporting period, apatite concentrate output increased 5% despite poor results for Q1, which were caused by considerable overburden operations. In Q2 and Q3, apatite concentrate output hit a record high. Mine expansion work is underway, and the first 44,000 tonnes of ore were produced at the underground mine in Q3.

"We will continue to see output increase as an effect of our new investment programme for production expansion through 2025".