Angus to start production at Lidsey-X2 well

Angus Energy has successfully completed the drilling of the Lidsey-X2 production well at the southern edge of the Weald Basin, near Bognor Regis.

The company will produce from a 'net oil pay' section of 443 metres ]from the Great Oolite limestone reservoir.

The production reservoir section has a measured depth of 1,230-1,673m.

True vertical depth of the production section is measured to be 994.9m-1,009.3m.

The company said the well reached its total depth objective at 1,700m and the slotted oil production liner had been installed.

Following de-mobilisation of the BDF-28 drilling rig, the Lidsey-X2 well will be placed into production.

The well was drilled on time and on budget as outlined in previous Company guidance.

Managing director Paul Vonk said: 'The company is in the process of bringing into production 443 metres of oil pay from the Lidsey-X2. I am pleased with the successful drilling of the well.

'We are encouraged the site offers further scope for development. Significantly, the company has upgraded the surface facilities at Lidsey to efficiently and safely managage all future production.

'I'm grateful to everyone on our team. They made drilling Lidsey-X2 a success by maintaining the highest standards, the most important of all being safe operations.'